Monday, 12 November 2012

This weekend

 This weekend has been a bit of a staying in doors keeping cosy sort of time. On Saturday we had a rather crafty day and made lots of Christmas cards. It is far to early to be feeling Christmassy but it was nice, we lit the fire, listened to Christmas music and finished off the day by watching Love actually, it felt a bit like a one day holiday to the middle of December. I'm quite happy to return to November though.

1. Lighting a fire. I love having a fire, this was the first one I'd made this year. Fun Fact; I have my Girl Guiding fire lighter badge level 4!
2. Making my bed. This is my favourite duvet cover and a blanket I crocheted for myself last year. So cosy
3. Purple orchid in a green room.
4. New crochet project, not particularly secret Christmas present. Love this yarn.


  1. I relish having the excuse to finally light the fire! Your new project looks gorgeous. I can't seem to get enough of grey. You've inspired me to crack on with my not-so-secret gift (I just don't see how to get a truy secret project done for the guy you spend most evenings with?!) Mine will be with two needles. I just can't get my hands round a hook! Love your cosy photos.

    1. Thank you, it's so nice to have a fire, so cosy. I used to knit a lot but after I taught myself to crochet and can't seem to work it out anymore