Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Playing with colours (what to do with all the left over crochet blanket yarn)

 I've been having fun recently playing with all the scraps of yarn from my crochet ripple blanket. I've not quite finished the blanket but all I'm doing now is the edge, so I won't need these little ends of colour. I really like mixing and matching the shades together. Each little granny square has three rounds and is Sirdar Baby Bamboo yarn chosen specifically for its brightness. I don't have a lot of all of the colours so sometimes I've only done a couple of stitches and then had to change colour but I think I quite like the random colour placement.
 I've done a couple of gradient squares, the red centre, then orange with a yellow border in the top left corner and the opposite corner with a dark green border. I'd like to make some more like this, maybe for a more deliberate project?
When I've finished edging the ripple blanket, I'm hoping I'll have enough yarn left to add another round to each of the squares and then join them all together. Maybe it'll be big enough for a scarf or a cushion cover or a baby blanket.
I'm having some troubles at the moment, either with blogger or my computer, uploading pictures takes several hours and doesn't always work even then, I wanted to show lots more pictures. Hopefully this will sort itself soon.


  1. A fun idea for leftovers!

  2. I love the random-ness of these squares, it's so difficult to really achieve 'random', I have an innate desire to spread colours evenly even if the order is random (like the ripple that I still haven't finished!). Looking forward to seeing your ripple, I might send mine over to you to help me finish too!!
    Em xx

  3. This looks cool!!!

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