Monday, 27 May 2013

Flowery brights

I love the fact that I'm suddenly seeing all this natural beauty all over the place.

Forget me nots are some of my favourite flowers, so delicate and sweet, they really look like proper little flowers that a child would draw. They're pretty easy to ignore but they make a big impact when there are big bunches growing together. I don't think they last well once cut or I'd bring a little posy of flowers inside for my bedside table.

On Saturday I walked to the local post office and admired lots of beautiful front gardens. I was reminded of a conversation that happened a few years ago. My then house mate and I were walking to our local supermarket through a short cut, we passed by a beautiful garden that I always admired and had once tried to compliment the owners on.
It was a really lovely garden with lots of fancy plants and a visible green house full of orchids. I mentioned to my house mate how much I liked walking past it each time and that I'd tried to talk to people in the garden about it, when she turned to me and told me not to talk to them because they were squirrel feeders! I was kind of amused by that, but she was adamant that a few years earlier there had been a big squirrel problem where they'd chewed all sorts of wires and stuff and that the couple in the house with the lovely garden had been responsible for it because they kept feeding squirrels.
I'm not really sure if it was true or not but I remember how annoyed my house mate was.


  1. i love forget-me-nots as well. beautiful photos :) xx

  2. lovely flowers, and the colors are so brilliant. Perfect start to my morning, thanks!

  3. I love the bright colours in the first picture. Also, I am a bird feeder. I think that is not nearly as bad as a squirrel feeder right? ;)