Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Things from the internet

Love these dreamy prints from Esther from the Sticks on etsy, so full of play and imagination.

Has society changed much in the past 2 thousand years? This article shows similar characteristics of class divide in Roman times.  I think Mary Beard is pretty fantastic and a rather good role model for girls.

I'd love a jumper like this, think it might be quite easy to make a DIY version?

It didn't get much publicity but a couple of weeks ago a group of protesters  shut down a power station here in the UK. This is why they did it.

Zayn Malik out of One Direction, is from my old neighbourhood, I know his mum and sisters. As the only non-white member of a boyband, the way he is portrayed as being the "bad boy" makes me feel rather cross. This article encapsulates my feelings very well

What a nice guy! and a lovely song


  1. Those first 2 pictures are so awesome!

  2. I am loving those pictures. What a lovely play on traditional photography. Thanks for filling my day with inspiration!!
    xx. Lou.

    1. Thank you so much. They are beautiful pictures, she has plenty more too x