Sunday, 18 November 2012

Autumn colours

I've already posted one rather picture heavy autumn leaves post this season but I'm afraid this is another one.
I'm still completely enamoured with the way that bright leaves can make that surrounding countryside look so bright even on a grey and cloudy day.

On Saturday I went walking with a friend and the rambling group she's joined. At one point we went through a small patch of quite densely packed woodland in which the light was low, this was combined with a sudden downpour meaning it was rather dark. The effect the of bright orange leaves against dark wood was stunning even through the dim light.
We've only really had a couple of properly cold days so far this year so I've really been enjoying getting outside every day and experiencing this season.


  1. I am definitely missing having a beautiful Autumn this year. We went from summer to spring in August (Los Angeles to New Zealand), so we ended up missing my favorite season!!

    1. Autumns been great but missing out on winter sounds like a pretty good idea too, at least from the UK where we seem to have seven months of cold, dark dampness to deal with