Friday, 9 November 2012

Dark and cosy

The dark nights have been drawing in
I feel a little surprised by the dark, suddenly 5pm is the middle of the night and I see daylight for a few brief hours each day.
The past few weeks have seemed to rush past, filled with important events, Eid followed by Halloween then Diwali and this week Bonfire Night.
Though I have not particularly celebrated any of these, just knowing that they are passing has seemed to add extra pace to the days.
I'm much less inclined to explore and have adventures when the weather is cold, damp and dark, and much more likely to sit on my bed and surround myself with cushions and blankets and slowly create and dream.


  1. It is so dark now when I get home from work. I pretty much get home and throw on my pjs. Nothing wrong with that, right??

    1. me too! I love my pyjamas so much when its dark outside