Thursday, 8 November 2012

Things from the internet

Here are a few things I've been looking at and thinking about from all over the internet this week

This essay by the author of wreck this journal. Keri Smith explains her path through education. As I'm a  teacher who is not entirely convinced by a lot of current education policies and trends this was food for thought.
 My lovely cousin Elizabeth was named as Guardian Student Reporter of the year! So Proud!! I thought it likely she would get it as it was her second year to be nominated but I don't really know much about it and its a huge achievement.

 Really like this fun picture of Nelly being Nessie

I've been having the sort of week where self medicating with cake has been necessary. This plate would have been hugely welcome.

Not being American but being interested in politics, peace and political systems, this was an interesting round up of some quite bizarre election moments.

Here is a beautiful and heart warming video