Thursday, 15 November 2012

Close encounter with a stag

 On Tuesday I went for a walk in the grounds of a local manor house, on my way back home again I encountered this magnificent fellow. I turned round a bend in the round and there he was, standing before me, the most be-antlered creature I have ever seen.
 I wasn't entirely sure what to do, deer are fairly peaceful but those antlers are enormous and I didn't want to frighten him, at the same time he was right in the middle of my path and I needed to get past him. I was approaching slowly when a runner came past me, the deer was obviously used to this sort of disturbance and crossed the path in front of me and sauntered off back the way I'd come.
I'd seen deer in the park before but never at such close range. It was a very special moment.


  1. Oh my goodness, how wonderfully frightening. I was running in the mountains every Saturday during the summer and I never got close to seeing any elk or deer or anything. The best I got was bitten by a horsefly, which actually hurt quite a lot, I might add. Thanks for these beautiful pictures.

    1. oh dear! that sounds painful
      I've seen the herds of deer here quite often but never so close up before. It was a bit of a shock

  2. wow that is so cool.. slightly terrifying but so cool

  3. I can imagine that that was a special moment! Great pictures!

  4. lovely photos!! i wish i were there and enjoy the precious moment!!

  5. So majestic!