Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Things from the internet

This might be something that is appreciated by a tiny minority of people but as I've already come out as a huge Hanson fan I thought I'd share my joy of this site Texts from Hanson

 Love these cute hedgehog clothes from People Tree, so sweet.
I wish I understood Norwegian. I love looking at the pictures  from this blog called ...Pynt, such dreamy colours.

Finally, here is something cheery and lovely. Walking on Sunshine by the Soweto Gospel Choir


  1. Love the dreamy colours of the Pynt blog - it's so beautiful isn't it? Thanks for your lovely comments over my way, and please join in with blog school, I think it's a great project and a really nice way to meet other bloggers. x

    1. I'm off to go and have a look, thank you

  2. Thank you for sharing the Pynt blog, I didn't know it! And I also love the Soweto Gospel Choir, they always cheer me up :)