Saturday, 27 October 2012

Library Books

This is my latest library haul.
I guess you can tell a bit of what's been on my mind lately by the book choices I made.
Cath Kidston; Vintage Style
Roopa Farooki; Corner Shop
John-Paul Flintoff; Sew your own
Scott Schuman; The Sartorialist
Cali Bird; Don't give up your day job
Helen Rappaport; Beautiful for ever

Not too many stories as I have a couple at home that I've started reading and need to finish. I have half term this week so I'm eager to get reading. I've flicked through the Cath Kidston one as its mostly pictures but I'm really keen to read Beautiful for Ever, the sub title is Madame Rachel of Bond Street; Cosmetician, con-artist and blackmailer, sounds fun!

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