Sunday, 28 October 2012

Autumn Brights

I love love love bright colours
I love them in my house, I love them on my body, I love them in my food
I love bright colours especially in nature
Last Sunday was a particularly fine day, bright sunshine, blue skies, Autumnal leaves in shades of green, yellow orange and red. Just lovely
I went out for a little walk around my local area and a large park and woodland area not too far away from me.

 Not too sure what this is, some kind of seed head? It's pretty fancy looking whatever it is though.
 That pear is on top of a mill called, funnily enough Pear Tree Mill

Today the weather is decidedly more miserable the sky is so grey it looks much later than 4pm, it has been raining consistently since midday which has led to a leak in my bedroom so I have a bucket plunking and gently filling up. I was hoping to go to a Diwali Mela this afternoon but I think the weather might be too bad for venturing out far to stand in a park, even for a lantern parade, fireworks and the possibility of mhendi and falooda.


  1. oooh so beautifull blog!!

  2. we have just had grey skys xx

    1. we've had grey skies ever since this day :(