Friday, 27 July 2012

At school in Gushegu

At morning assembly, children raising their hands to share what they will do in the holidays

In P2, the children are eager to show what they've learnt

P2 showing they know different ways to make 10
 This Thursday was the last day of term at Neesim primary school in Gushegu. The children had their last lessons of the year and were keen to show how much they'd learnt. After break time they played games and sang songs. The older two classes played football against each other with their teacher's help. Before the end of the day they had an assembly, exam papers and report cards were given out then prizes were given to the five children in each class who had been the best behaved.
Mostly it was quite similar to the last day of school in primary schools in the UK.
P1 answering questions

Getting ready for break time

Eating snacks at break time
Awards assembly. These children have been the best behaved in their class and receive a small toy

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Off to Ghana

When this is posted I'll have begun my long journey to Ghana where I'll be staying for a month with my best friend Rachel.
She works for a small charity called Project Share in the north of  the country. They run a school and nutrition centre. I will be helping a little with the school although it will be their summer holidays soon after I arrive and just generally hanging out with Rachel. She's been there for nearly two years so it will be great to see what she gets up to and what her life is like there.
 All of these photos are Rachel's

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Meadow

In my neighbourhood there is a secret meadow.
It is completely surrounded by houses apart from one small passageway.
My mum is part of the community group that has been trying to introduce wild flowers and an orchard in this space.When I was a child this used to be a fairly neglected park, it had a couple of rusty climbing frames and quite often a pile of rubbish including burnt mattresses. I hadn't been for probably 20 years so when my mum went to check on the fruit bushes growth this week I popped along too.
For a place that is completely surrounded by houses it does feel secluded and a bit secret.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Regent's Park

After collecting my visa from the Ghanian High Commission last Tuesday there was one further task I had to do in London while waiting for 7 o'clock, the time I could get on an off-peak train.
Back in May my brother had been in London for some reason or other and had managed to lose his wallet which contained, along with money and bank cards, his driving licence and was therefore fairly important for him to get back. Somehow his wallet was found and was waiting for him at Marylebone station
I usually get the train home from London from Euston.
Marylebone and Euston stations are not that far from each other.  In fact according to google maps they are less than a mile and a half away from each other. They are also not very well connected by the tube, there are some very complicated changes.
I therefore thought that the easiest course of action to get from Euston to Marylebone and back again would be to walk. Unfortunately after walking about 15 minutes from Euston the heavens opened and I was soaked through within minutes. After seeking refuge in an EAT I continued my journey, collected the wallet and was returning to Euston when, miracle of miracles, the sun came out, blue sky appeared.
I was next to one of the most beautiful parks and had time to spare.
I don't think I've been to Regent's Park before but it is fancy! it even had very clean, free public toilets, which is my mark of any swanky place.
I think I've overexposed these pictures but it was a glorious, unexpected burst of evening sunshine that made a slightly stressy day feel a lot better.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wandering around London

Last week I spent a couple of days wandering around London in between long stretches of time sitting in the Ghanian High Commission applying for and collecting a visa for my upcoming trip.
 I'm off to Ghana a week today, but for now here are some pictures of my London trip.
1. People queing to take their pictures with the 9 3/4 sign
2. Platform 93/4
3. Kings Cross is now fancy
4. St Pancras
5&6. Lavender in front of the British Library
7. Surfing in the City
8&9. Southwark Cathedral, their new stained glass for the Jubilee
10. The Thames with St Paul's in the background
11. Disco pavement underneath London Bridge
12.Along the riverbank, Tower of London, Tower Bride, Canary Wharf and some sort of warship
13. 221b Baker Street, home of Mr Holmes
14. Sherlock's house
15. Fancy railings
16. Pigeons and a piece of blue sky

Friday, 13 July 2012

North Berwick

This gorgeous fishing village on the east coast of Scotland not far from Edinburgh has featured large in my family's history.
My maternal Grandmother grew up here, my mother and uncle spent all their summer holidays here and learnt to swim in the outdoor, sea fed pool. We went on several family holidays here too when I was a child.
I visited again last November, it had probably been 10 years since I'd last been.
There have been several changes; the outdoor swimming pool where previous  Olympic athletes had swum has been demolished and concreted over. It is currently being used as parking for small boats and alsohouses the National Sea Bird Centre. I feel like its a cliché to quote the song and not quite accurate. The old swimming pool couldn't be used year round whereas the Sea Bird centre has more appeal and can be used by a wider range of people.

My favourite thing about North Berwick has always been the sea though. Looking out towards the several small islands including the Bass Rock and watching all the varieties of sea birds and people enjoying the beach, well its pretty great.