Monday, 30 August 2010

I love Bradford

Awhile ago I wrote a rambling post where I tried to get across some of my love and my story of Bradford and how I came to be here.
This weekend Bradford has been n the news as a group calling themselves the English Defense League held a protest here. This group brought banners declaring Islam to be against England and seemed to come with the aim of inciting racial hatred and race riots.
The people of Bradford showed however that this is not our view.
Bradford has come along way since 2001.
I can't work out how to embed a video from youtube but this was made by hope not hate
Oddly enough I know two of the people in this fairly well

picture from T&A website

The South of France

The other day I put up some pictures from my time in France but all of Paris
I actually spent most of my time in this gorgeous village in the Cevanne mountains in the south of France
I spent a good deal of each day looking after this little girl

and wondering around this beautiful old streets, finding hidden places and secret doors
I also got to see this, the Pont du Gare, an amazing three storey aqueduct
then the week after, we canoed underneath it

pretty nice really

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Summertime in France

For the past few years I've moved house every single summer
I hate it
I'd like to be able to live in one place a little longer than a year really
This year was another mad dash to move house and then go away
I've spent three weeks this august working as an au pair for a French family
We spent most of the time in the south but I also had a couple of days at their apartment in Paris and was very fortunate to be able to meet up with my cousin who is studying in Paris this summer. We took advantage of the fact that if you're 25 or under and an EU citizen then the Louvre is free
I'd like to spend a bit longer in Paris, its such a beautiful easy city.