Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Scarborough; how a bit of sunshine changes everything

 This weekend I went to Scarborough. I'd never been before but my friend Grace is at uni in Hull and it seemed like a fun place to visit not too far away.
We arrived Saturday afternoon and meandered over to our hotel. We had chosen to stay at The Grand knowing that it had very mixed reviews. It's a beautiful Victorian building that's not been very loved recently, we didn't really have any problems with it .
After we'd got ourselves settled and had a good old nosy around the hotel we set out for the seafront. We walked all the way along one of the bays to the harbour, stopping to eat chips and poke about in all the tacky touristy shops.
 The sun was so beautiful. Everything looked golden in the light of the late afternoon. I'm enamoured with the seaside any way but for a short few hours everything seemed to sparkle.
 I can just feel my soul relaxing by looking at the pictures, bright sunshine really effects my mood so much. I feel invincible on a sunny day, full of power and joy that I can't quite find when it's grey. I must keep remembering this


(aren't seagulls funny?)


  1. Seagulls are damn funny. Annoying sometimes but always funny too. Some nice pictures you took here. :]

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! It looks beautiful there.

  3. tus fotografias son asombrosas!! me encantaron!! demasiado hermoso el lugar!!

    muchos besos



  4. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Great photos!