Sunday, 14 April 2013

On becoming the next Blue Peter presenter

A month or so ago I came across this article "BBC's Blue Peter launches show to find new presenter"

Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood

I've wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter for ever. It had definitely been my childhood dream and here it was, a chance to actually make my dreams come true! I can do all the fun things they get up to - making crafty things from rubbish, baking, dealing with elephants, going on cross cultural adventures, doing daring deeds involving high wires and being scared.
I already had the perfect jumper 

So I set about preparing my application. I had to make a short video so I recruited a friend of my brother to help me film and edit 3 minutes of myself being very Blue Petery. I decided to make my own Blue Peter badge for the section that required making something. I thought about making a badge like this

Which involved colouring blue various pictures of people called Peter, this hit a problem with the lack of famous Peters for Blue Peter's target age range. Never mind, I set about creating a different sort of badge using plastic 6 which shrinks!

I also had to complete a short written application which allowed me only 250 words in which to convey how ideal I am as a presenter and how much I love Blue Peter. In order to do this efficiently, I wrote a series of limericks.

This Helen did dream of adventure
she crossed Ghana to get to Burkina
was ever so eager
dressed up like that Bieber
Got job as the face of Blue Peter

 Her own Blue Peter badge she would craft
and in danger's face she had laughed
By day she’s a teacher
games and learning do feature
By night she's incredibly daft

I've not yet had a response....