Monday, 13 January 2014

cold hands

The past week has been mad. I started a new teaching job last Monday, it's always hard to start something new but the combination of inky dark mornings and afternoons, feeling like there were more and more things I didn't know about each day and changing from my holiday habit of sleeping in each day till 10.30 meant that work took all my thought and energy.
I have to leave the house at 6.10 to get the trains I need, I'm feeling daylight starved, break duty almost feels worthwhile. I'm glad to have a job though and hopefully this week will be easier, I'm a bit more sorted and at least I know the children's names.
These pictures have been making me happy, my mum and brother sharing sock for gloves in the afternoon sunshine and my sweet, grumpy cat wrapped up in the end of my duvet.


  1. Your cat completely has the right idea! I wish I could send you some Australian heat.

  2. Good luck with your new job. I hope this week is more settled and you're enjoying it.
    Your cat looks so lovely and cosy here - definitely a reason for a weekend lie in. x