Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Crochet holly decorations

I can't quite believe it's only a week until Christmas, I hardly feel like December has started and I'm only just getting around to writing my Christmas cards. However I have been admiring lots of the natural beauty outside.
These holly leaves are so perfect and shin, they almost don't look real, but I assure you they were and growing abundantly in a local park.

 I've been making more of these attic24 holly leaves. I'd made a whole bunch and then foolishly left them on a train and despite emailing the train company they seem to completely disappeared so unfortunately these two that I made (and photographed) last year are the only two survivors, I'll have to have a look through my stash for another suitable green yarn because I really like making them


  1. Helen, could you make these into sweet Christmas earrings?

    1. Those ones might be a little big, but with a thinner yarn and hook I could

  2. I've never seen holly out in the wild like that, it's so pretty! And knowing me I'd probably pick the whole bush haha

    xo marlen
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  3. Happy New Year to you. Hope its a really happy one x

  4. the holly leaves are so pretty, such a shame a bunch of them disappeared on the train :(