Sunday, 8 December 2013

Manchester Christmas Markets

 I've loved visiting the Christmas markets in Manchester recently. They're a really big deal here and cover several streets and squares. Every time I've been they're really busy so I've just been visiting in short bursts, seeing what was available in different areas. Last week I went with a couple of friends and wore a long kilt that I inherited from my Granny with a red coat and felt very festive.

I'm looking forward to visiting again and having gluhwein in a special mug while finishing up my Christmas shopping.
Do you have special Christmas markets to visit?


  1. This sounds so fun! I managed to visit a couple Christmas markets when I was in Europe once that time of year and they are so amazing!

  2. The Manchester Markets are bigger and better than ever this year. Such a great atmosphere, although far too busy at the weekends!