Friday, 13 December 2013

My favourite Christmas songs

Though I've already been in a big Christmas concert with gospel choir and wrapped and sent plenty of presents and Amnesty International, Write for Rights cards, I'm not feeling super Christmassy yet. However I love listening to Christmas music when I'm wrapping presents and writing all my Christmas cards. I have a couple of favourite albums that I always return to and I wanted to share some of the medleys we sing at gospel choir too.

This is from our 2012 Christmas concert at Manchester Academy

This one is from this year's concert at the Royal Nothern College of music. The tree is scenery for an opera that was starting in the theatre the day after our performance, it's pretty spectacular!

As I've mentioned (several times) I love Hanson. In 1997 they recorded a whole Christmas album called Snowed In but this song is from 2011, I love it a lot!

What Christmas songs do you like listening to?


  1. I always love listening to Andrea Boccelli's Christmas album at this time of year... It's my Dad's favorite, and definitely makes me think of spending the holidays at home!

  2. I love Carols at Kings. And any cheesy festive pop, that's always good too. I've been listening to radio 2 a lot lately and that's good for Christmassy music. Amazing gospel music too! x