Saturday, 1 June 2013

Glitter wherever she goes

Taking these pictures made me think of that old nursery rhyme

Rings on her fingers
Bells on her toes
She will have music wherever she goes

I love to be carrying a bit of glitter with me at all times. Also as I'm starting to be swimming a lot more at the moment, I feel that a sparkly top coat keeps the nail varnish on my toes a bit longer than usual (that might just be wishful thinking though!)





  1. There used to be a this amazing glitter nail varnish, that's all dense silver glitter, by Anna Sui that stayed on forever. I haven't seen it in the shops for awhile, but If you can find it, it's amazing.

  2. These are such pretty combinations! A touch of glitter can definitely brighten up a day. I've got some gold glitter on my nails right now. We're practically nail polish twins. ;)