Friday, 27 September 2013

More from Petra

We stayed in Wadi Musa, the town next to Petra for two nights and visited Petra three times. Entrance is pretty expensive (50JD for one day, 55 for two days, 60 for three days, 1 Jordanian Dinar is equivalent to £1) but I think it was completely worth it. We visited twice during the day and then again one of the evenings for a magical candlelit walk accompanied by local musicians.
There's a fairly obvious main path through the siq, past the treasury that takes you down an ancient road, past an amphitheatre, hundreds of tombs and houses both grand and tiny. There's a huge variation in how well preserved the carvings are. Some of the buildings look as if they're only recently finished, with completely perfect carved details whereas others no longer have their fa├žades and are only recognisable as hollows, without much indication of what they would've been used for.
There are camels and donkeys throughout the area as well as horses along the path nearest to the main entrance. Most of the animals are owned and looked after by local Bedouin people, who also guide them around and offer rides. This camel above looks like it has a wound on its face, I know there's also an animal hospital near to the reserve so hopefully the owner will get it treated.
I feel like I'm not doing a super job in describing just how amazing being there was, there are only so many superlatives I can use! I hope the pictures give you some impression of how awesome Petra is

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  1. Awesome pictures!

    I took an online class with the head of the American archaeological team at Petra so she talked about it a lot. Seems like a great place to visit.