Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Greenbelt 2013

 Over the bank holiday weekend I was at Greenbelt festival in Cheltenham. I really like Greenbelt, it encompasses a lot of different ideas and styles. Its a music, faith, arts and justice type of festival and a lot of fun. This is my third year in a row of going and volunteering. I help with lost and found children which is a lovely role to have.

 I was really looking forward to seeing and very happy that I got to see Harry Baker (an amazing slam poet who is hilarious and I'm slightly in love with), London Community Gospel Choir, my friend Tim and I were thrilled when they performed the song "He is alive" that we'd done with them at their 30th anniversary in May and The Austin Francis Connection who are very fun and sadly whose last gig it was.
 This year we had pretty great weather for camping, none of the huge muddy swamps that there'd been the previous year.
 I enjoy the wide variety of talks, music and workshops on offer at Greenbelt, there are always new thing to learn.


  1. Wow, that's a real blast from my past ! The youth group I used to go to used to help there every year running the information tent and helping backstage . It was such good fun. A lot smaller then but seemed huge at the time, I think about 20,000 people. One year U2 flew in by helicopter and performed - before they were so known !
    Looks like you had a good time.

  2. Some of my friends were there this summer - with their four children - and they had a brilliant time. I think they go every year. It looks fantastic. x