Friday, 9 August 2013

Worthing Birdman preparations!

This Sunday, the 11th, with my friend Kathleen and I will be taking part in Worthing Birdman competition where contestants dress in funny costumes and jump off the end of Worthing Pier and try to fly.
Now, while Kathleen and I do like to have peculiar adventures, this one is a big leap for both of us, particularly as I'm really rather scared of heights! The reason we'll be doing this and why we've spent weeks sewing costumes, preparing our "craft" and honing our dance routine is to raise money for Retrak, the charity that Kathleen works for.Retrak works with street children in 4 African countries and tries to rehabilitate children as young as 5 who find themselves without homes or families to care for them.

I'd love it if you were able to support me in raising money for Retrak you can do so online here;
There's also a rumour that the competition will be live streamed so when I find out about that I'll update
PS. can you guess who we're going to be?

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  1. I want to see loads of photos with you wearing these clothes!!!!!!!!!