Monday, 5 August 2013

Ripple blanket; nearly there!

I'm nearly finished with my ripple blanket! I've been working on it here and there since before October! I haven't written about the blanket since January though, it's a lot bigger than that now! It comfortably covers a single bed and is still getting bigger.
I've been going round and round for the edging this week, I've still got a few more rows I'd like to do but it's so close to being finished! I'm so pleased it's all coming together and looking like a proper attic24 type blanket.

I'm really loving all the bright colours together, so cheery!


  1. It looks lovely and bright - very cheerful! x

  2. HI Helen
    It's beautiful, well done ! I haven't been brave enough to have a go at one of these yet.
    Kate x

  3. I love it! The colors, the look. I bet it feels great too.

  4. Oh waw, this looks so lovely! I love colorful stuff! And it's such a big blanket, kudos to you for your patience & commitment!

  5. looks good, I love the colours you've used :)