Sunday, 17 February 2013

Outfit Post; Purple and Butterflies

Do forgive the odd arms here, I think I was trying to rearrange my jumper
 Unusually for me this outfit contained two new items of clothing. I'm not totally convinced by either of them yet. The purpley jumper is made by Boden but I bought it on ebay. I'm not entirely sure about it. I think it may have been washed at slightly too high a temperature as it felt both bulky and a bit tight, I'm not used to wearing things that are as high necked as this either.
 The skirt came from Monsoon at the end of their winter sales, I really like the butterfly and buddlia print and the colours but I don't know how I feel about the mullety hemline. Although it's not very obvious here, the back of the skirt is a lot longer than the front, I think this makes the skirt a bit fancy and I'd wear it every day.

 I tried to do a sort of victory roll type thing with my hair but it's not quite there. I really love my glasses. The arms are zebra print which is pretty fantastic.
I'm also wearing a silk blouse that was my Granny's. I don't know how old it is, the label is in Chinese. From the embroidery on the collar it could be 40's but I think it's probably more recent. I tend to wear this necklace everyday, it's silver with a single pearl and was a present from my friend when I was her bridesmaid.

Jumper, Boden;Silk blouse, inherited from my Granny; Butterfly skirt, Monsoon; Glasses; Versace; Necklace, gift; Boots, vintage.

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