Thursday, 17 October 2013

Notes from a Wednesday

I really like reading other people's blogs when they post a picture an from every hour of their day. So I had a go at doing it myself, I didn't really manage a picture every hour, but I think it's still interesting to see what a normal sort of day is like. All of these pictures were taken last Wednesday, the 9th of October. I work as a supply teacher and didn't have any work that day so this is my relaxed/ at home day.

Last Wednesday I knew I didn't have any work so I had a bit of a lie in. 
This is my absolutely favourite bedding. I've had it for many, many years, it's very soft fairtrade cotton from Traidcraft. When I first left  home to go to Burkina Faso I took the duvet cover with me instead of a sheet sleeping bag, I took it to India with me a couple of years later. It came with me to University and to every subsequent house I've lived in when I've had a single bed.
 I've recently started driving lessons at the advanced age of 28, on wednesday I turned left for the first time! I'm finding it quite hard as I have to concentrate so much in order to keep the car running and I'm always worried about hitting something. 
After my driving lesson I spent a couple of hours knitting up a small baby blanket for a friend's tiny baby who's recently been born in Sweden. I'm quite pleased to get knitting again as I thought I'd forgotten how to do it after spending so much time crocheting recently.


I always spend Wednesday afternoon and evening in central Manchester. Normally I get the train but last wednesday my brother was driving into town near where I needed to be so I hitched a lift with him. I was an hour or so early so I spent a while pottering (hah!) around Manchester Museum. There's so much great stuff in there and I really like how the museum is laid out
From 4 I rehearse with Manchester Harmony Gospel Choir. I love the mid week singing break this gives me. Choir is a lot of fun, it's so nice to get together with a big group of people and create beautiful sounds.
After choir I had a spare hour to go and get food before church
I love Wednesdays


  1. Love this!

  2. My sister only just got her driver's licence and she is 44 so you're still ok ;-) I only learnt to swim at 28. I was worried I would be the oldest person going for lessons but there were some people much older than me. x