Saturday, 12 October 2013

British Musical Fireworks Championships 2013!

Last Sunday I went to the British Musical Fireworks Championship in Southport. Before we went I kept calling it a fireworks fiesta and it pretty much was. This is a big deal competition in the world of pyrotechnics, companies from all over the UK that provide fireworks for events compete to show their ability to synchronise a huge firework display to a range of music. It was a lot of fun!

It's hard to show through photos what this was actually like. The magic of the event was due to the fireworks being set to music and the drama of the music being shown through the type of fireworks used.
After the show we walked along the beach for awhile, tried to get onto the closed pier and fed money into those 2p slot machines. A lovely, slightly odd evening out


  1. Sounds a lovely evening you captured some of the firework magic in your photos. We used to love the 2 penny falls when we took the children to the holiday arcades for a treat xxx

  2. Gorgeous photos - well done! My fireworks photos are usually just blur and light ;)