Tuesday, 30 July 2013

All this abundance

 I'm very lucky to have parents who have a very large and productive garden. I get to enjoy all the benefits of their harvest without putting in much effort at all (though I did do a massive amount of watering for them throughout the recent heatwave).
Currently we're enjoying black and red currents, red and white gooseberries, sunberries (these are the ones that look like raspberries but darker) potatoes, beetroot, chard leaves, mange tout,  and beans of various descriptions. We've already had a massive strawberry crop which has resulted in many jars of jam.

 I also love these roses which grow wild amongst the currents



  1. You're very lucky - enjoy! Our gooseberry bush has died off this year and we didn't get much fruit from it beforehand. I'm so disappointed as I can never find them in the shops or if I do they are so tart. Mmm - gooseberry crumble and custard! x

  2. oh wow, I dream of a garden like that! Particularly one where i don't have to do the gardening, hehe!

  3. There is something fantastic about reaping the benefits of a home grown crop! You lucky thing!
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