Friday, 7 December 2012


The past couple of weeks seem to have flown by, it's probably normal at this time of year for life to be super busy but there have also been quite a few mad things that have cropped up unexpectedly recently.
I spent last weekend visiting my favourite city, Bradford and catching up with friends and stuff happening there, I lived there for 7 years between 2004 and 2010 and it very much still feels like home.
I was able to fit in seeing lots of my favourite people and also spend time wondering around the city centre, there's been quite a few changes and lots of new things happening there.
I'm actually thinking about moving back, but it would depend on jobs and money so we'll have to see how it works out.

Other fun things recently have included (anti-clockwise from top); 
1)Messing about with my friend's 3d glasses, he's doing an MA in computer animation so he needs them for official purposes but is using them for taking funny pictures of toast.
2)Animal shaped rolls with interesting fillings from a very sweet bakery in Manchester's China town.
3)Seeing the wonderful Osset Ukelele band play in Bradford Cathedral complete with kazoos and tambourines
4) A confusing message (spelling mistake?) on my yogi tea, not very visable, it says Fell good, be good, do good maybe tree chopping is in order?
5) Auditioning for Britain's Got Talent(!!) I've recently joined a gospel choir and we spent Monday afternoon queuing and auditioning. Very exciting.
 Well, that's been me recently, life shows no sign of being less busy. This week I have two big deal performances with choir over the weekend and a smaller one on Wednesday too, my best friend is coming home for Christmas on Tuesday after spending her last two Christmases in Ghana, we both love Christmassy activities so we've been planning lots of fun things.
What exciting things are you looking forward to at the moment?


  1. Love those animal rolls! So cute! How exciting, I hope the audition went well! let us know if you're going to be on tv :) x

    1. ha! I bought them simply because they were cute, they tasted a little odd. We won't find out till feb if we're going to be on BGT but we were on the X Factor as backing singers for Jahmene!