Sunday, 7 February 2010

I know that I'll come across as being particularly British for talking about the Remove formatting from selectionweather but it does have such an impact on me
This past week we've had a couple of days of snow, several days of weird damp fog and last weekend was beautiful and bright.
I don't have a car, I don't drive, it'd be illegal and I'd be incompetent also because of my current financial challenge I'm not really taking buses much this leaves walking or getting a lift as my two main options for getting around the place.
On Thursday evening I walked into town to meet up with friends to celebrate my friend Liz's birthday and passing some professional exams
On Friday night I walked 2 and a half miles to meet some people from church at someone's house
Yesterday I walked around for three hours and, according to google maps about 5 miles into and out of town doing a bit of grocery shopping
I'm trying to get a bit healthier and fitter
It has been so very foggy that sometimes I've not really been able to tell whats coming up
on Friday evening I looked up directions to the house I was visiting because I wasn't exactly sure how to get there and it involved going down a road I've never gone done before but that is very close and goes down the side of the school I work at, I started walking at about 7 when it had already been dark for several hours and the fog meant that I could see my exact surroundings or if anyone was coming until they were really very close, this was the most spooked out I've been for a while. I tend to just go for it and walk even if I know that the road is dodgy or that I'll have to walk through a less pleasant area but think because this road goes between offices and factories and a school and deserted fields and there was no-one else around and no sounds it was unnerving.
I've been listening to "The Dog who came in from the Cold" by Alexander Mcall Smith which is available to download for free on itunes from the Telegraph
He wrote the Number1 Ladies Detective agency books, I don't think hes the best writer, some of his characters seem a little naive, in this book there is a character who is the same age as me who went to university the same year as me but who seems not to know things that I would expect people my age to know.
Anyway I'm off to bed

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