Monday, 15 February 2010


I work in a school
this means I get lots and lots of holidays and that I also get home from work before 4pm when most of my friends don't finish work until 5
I'm very fortunate to have all this extra time when I'm not having to be working
This week I'm spending today and Wednesday sorting out the house and forms and things I need to finish then tomorrow I'm having some of my gorgeous lady friends over for coffee and chatting in the morning
Wednesday afternoon I'm going back home to visit my parents and as my mum only works 3 days a week and my dad is waiting to start a new job I'll have fun with both of them which is very very unusual
On Friday my parents are going to bring me and two of my bestest friends over to Bradford to spend the weekend and we'll have another friend join us here
lots of lovely things to look forward to
I'd better get on with the sorting and tidying

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