Sunday, 17 November 2013

Manchester Museum Vivarium

I've written before about how I like just hanging around Manchester Museum if I have an hour or two to spare in Manchester. Last week I made it to the vivarium . There are so many interesting frogs and toads and lizards there. It was really nice and unexpected to get close to nature right in the middle of the city.
I forgot to write down what any of the creatures are, but , fortunately I have a cousin who is very knowledgeable about all sorts of nature and she identified them for me as much as she could from my pictures.

 This stripy, slightly irreidscent newt-like lizard is a Phelsuma Klemmeri
 These tiny little orange frogs are either Golden Mantilla or Oophaga (Dendrobates) Pumilio
 This handsome fellow who was eyeing me warily is a Fijian green Iguana
 An Oriental Fire-bellied toad, neatly camouflaged on the green leaves.
 This pile of curled up snake is either a green tree python or an emerald tree boa, I guess it's hard to tell when it's just a curled up length of snake.
 An absolutely stunning Panther Chameleon
More Oriental Fire-Bellied Toads hiding in the .
There's such amazing variation and detail in all of these animals, it was really lovely to see them.

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  1. Whoa, there are so many amazing colors here! You took some amazing pictures.