Friday, 22 March 2013

Le Louvre


 This weekend, Paris was rather cold and grey and windy, so we felt a few hours wondering around staring at works of art inside the Louvre would be preferable to doing wondering around outside activities.

 Neither of the friends I went with had been to the Louvre before so we headed for the most obvious main attractions first; the Venus de Milo, the Mona Lisa etc. and wondered through galleries of ancient Egyptian artefacts, Roman statues and ornate displays of French grandeur on our way there.


There is so much to see inside the museum, we started flagging after a couple of hours and left to find food and a proper sit down, but you could spend days studying and admiring the many, many different types of art from the ancient to the very recent.We caught the last weekend of a display by Enki Bilal entitled Ghosts of the Louvre in which the artist had photographed art around the Louvre and then drawn ghosts on to the photographs, showing perhaps the person who had owned an ancient object or the sitter of a painting. A very interesting way of combining old and new aspects of art.


  1. Beautiful photos. I especially love the ones with the birds. You've made me want to go to Paris right now!

  2. My goodness, these photos bring me right back. I haven't been to Le Louvre since I was 15 (I'm sad to say that's 11 years ago), but I still remember wandering around in awe. Gorgeous photos.

    P.S. Thanks for popping by Gypsy in Jasper today!