Saturday, 22 September 2012

Granddad's 90th

This week we've had the lovely opportunity of celebrating my Grandfather's 90th birthday. All my family met up at my cousin's house in Hertfordshire.
My Granddad is pretty amazing. At 90 he is still an active member of a rambling group and regularly hikes 10 or 15 miles. He loves ice cream and cheese. He's a definite train enthusiast and has several wardrobes full of model trains and a large set up housed in his garage. He's still very keen on travelling and exploring, this year he took a trip to the channel islands for the first time and his first helicopter flight, he's just booked to go on a cruise around Norway.

He's on the left on all of these pictures in the green jacket. My Granny died 2 years ago and it has affected us all but particularly him. We had a lovely party though and it was great to see so many members of my family, many of whom like my grandfather's cousins and their children I'd never met before.

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