Friday, 3 August 2012

Enchanted Forest

The friend I'm visiting in Ghana has been my best friend since we were at school.
 I think one of the factors in our first getting to know each other was finding out we have the same birthday. We've tried to celebrate the 3rd of May by being in touch in some way ever since we were 14. Often we've been together but when I spent our 19th birthday in Burkina Faso we had to cope instead with a phone call, then both being away at different universities and having a birthday in the middle of exam time meant we haven't often managed to be together since.
Our 23rd birthday in 2008 was a bit different though. We were living in a house together along with three friends of mine from uni.
Our birthday celebrations were immense. We chose an enchanted forest theme that meant our guests could dress as characters from a whole range of well known stories, myths and even abstract themes: one of our housemates dressed as fire!
We also went wild with the decorations. Using left over leaflets, pictures from magazines, paint, crepe paper, peculiar things from pound shops, ikea and charity shops we created a complete story book forest including a spooky area, a jungle and gingerbread house.
It might have been a bit too much.

Handing over the ceremonial sword, Marv is a wizard, I made him a hat from tin foil, he wasn't impressed

the Mad Hatter under attack!

Luke is on Fire! Ruth as Glenda; they're now married!
Getting tired- but check out that backdrop!

Mr Tumnus

Little Red Riding Hood exploring the scary part of the woods; it helps that two of the house mates have degrees in animatronics and had made body parts.

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