Thursday, 1 April 2010


I've been a bit anti Twilight for awhile, I've been a huge Harry Potter fan for years and years and didn't want to jump on the bandwagon for something else
However, I was at the library last week and saw the audio book, I love getting audio books, its like someone telling you a story. I started listening to it and have become hooked, I bought the dvd I'm going to go and get the next book tonight, its a bit worrying really

Because I feel about 13, obsessing over something new I thought I'd write a poem

Oh Edward Cullen
You make me weak at the knees
'bit like arthritis

I was thinking about the phrase "weak at the knees", I love it, I really like alot of slightly cliched terms that people don't really use, especially those to describe affection.

I guess I should put up a picture here but I don't really want to find one, sorry

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