Wednesday, 27 January 2010

For the past couple of days I've been on a course,
this change in my daily routine has put me in contact with a lot more people than I normally see

On a normal day I walk to work which takes me about 10 minutes, I then don't leave for 6 hours
I work in a school and so only mix with the 30 or so members of staff and the couple of classes I work with
for the past couple of days I have got on buses and walked through busy stations and the early morning city centre
yesterday I had a very sweet conversation with a lady at the bus stop who told me she liked me perfume
I also wondered into town and bought a couple of things yesterday, in one shop I bought 2 things in the sale, one being a notebook that cost £2, the man at the till couldn't find a bar code or anyway to put the sale through the till so he gave it to me for free

Both days I have laughed and shared with the other people on the course and learnt some new, interesting and useful things
I've had a bit of a change and its been nice
but I also know just how much I love my job and this course will benefit me doing it

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  1. I love to read this. Change can be so nice, especially when it reminds us of how much we love what we're doing.